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Modern Foreign Languages

Who are we?

Head of Department – Miss N Managh

Teachers, Spanish – Mr S Pianigiani

Teacher, Urdu – Mrs S Iqbal

What do we do?

In years 7 and 8, students study Spanish 3 times a fortnight and in year 9, twice a fortnight. In years 10 and 11 students have the option of completing an AQA GCSE in either (or both) Spanish and/or Urdu.

Students studying Spanish are encouraged to attend a possible trip to Spain in order to further improve their speaking and listening skills and to experience a different culture.  Definitely a trip to be recommended!

A day in the life…

Students study a range of topics such as school, holidays, food, fashion and many others.  Students learn a range of vocabulary through interactive language games and challenges.  They practice speaking and writing skills through tasks such as creating scripts and acting out scenarios. As well as learning the language, students learn about life in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

What career…?

Universities strongly favour young people who have language qualifications as these show communication and linguistic skills.  Languages also open the door to working abroad full time or for a gap year. In the long term, languages can help to obtain jobs in teaching and education, translating and interpreting, global businesses, hospitality and tourism, media and publishing and many others.

Further information

For further information go to www.linguascope.com

Use Beginners for Key Stage 3 (year groups 7 to 9) and Intermediate for Key Stage 4 (year groups 10 and 11)

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Password: spanish

See also www.studyspanish.com