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Work will continue to be set through FROG or through the other advertised platforms.  There is also further available provision on BBC Bitesize    if we can provide particular support, please contact onlinelearning@NHTSchool.co.uk.  Staff are also available on their individual school email accounts and, when not on the in-school rota, will be working from home in as effective a capacity as possible, given these circumstances.


Q - I don’t have access to the internet or a computer at home and can’t complete any of the work set on FROG

A – E-mail office@nhtschool.co.uk with your name, form and the address you are staying at. We will aim to get a pack of work posted to you as soon as possible.

Q - I can’t open a file attached to a piece of homework on FROG

A – E-mail the class teacher who set the work who will be able to email it to you individually

Q - I don’t understand the work that has been set

A – E-mail the class teacher who set the work. They will be able to provide you with guidance

Q - I’ve run out of work to do in a particular subject

A – Work should be update regularly. If this isn’t the case, e-mail the class teacher for that subject who will be able to provide you with some more

Q - I can’t access FROG

A – Student Logins for Frog always remain the same as their school network (computer) login details. All students should know these login details and they should be listed within the students planner.

If a student is unable to access Frog as they have forgotten their password please contact the school IT Technician Mr Farooq who will be able to provide the password.


Please see a link below to the login page for the NHTS Frog.
Q – How do you download the Microsoft Office Suite? (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

A – Watch this clip for instructions on how to download the software on your computer or laptops

Click here to find out how to download the Microsoft Office Suite

Student Online Learning Facilities

Information and guidance for the main online learning packages we have available for students. We actively encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning and knowing what resources are available to them can be very useful.

I Am Worried

Students – if you are worried about anything during our school closure, please use this to contact staff at NHTS who will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Welcome from the Headteacher

On behalf of governors, Trust partners, staff and students, I would like to welcome you to North Huddersfield Trust School.  I am proud to be Headteacher of a successful learning community where the academic, pastoral and social needs of students are the priorities. 

We value relationships between staff and students as being integral in cultivating an environment that both supports development and provides the challenge to continually improve.  This is built on the values of trust and respect where the needs of every individual are understood and catered for, alongside having clear expectations for excellence in attitude, behaviour and commitment to learning.  Our PRIDE agenda underpins our ethos and the expectations for all students and staff; please click here for more details.

We strive to provide an experience of school driven by positive engagement with learning, whether this is in the classroom, on a corridor, in a social space or during a trip, visit or activity.  This richness of opportunity is designed not only for academic success but to develop the skills needed to become team players, role models and leaders.  Our students are the people who will shape the future; our commitment is to delivering a quality of education that makes this happen.

If students leave with confidence, the ability to make decisions, the hunger to question and to understand and the motivation to constantly improve then we have fulfilled our purpose.  Education is about aspirations and we hold the highest aspiration for all our students.

Please take the time to look at the information on our website.  Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or the relevant member of staff.

Andrew Fell


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Uniform Exchange

The Uniform Exchange provides free school uniform to any child who needs extra support and encourages children and families to think of others and the environment.