Year Group Information


Who are we?

Head of Department – Miss R Wood
Second in Science – Mr A Salim

Teachers – Mr A Ahmed, Mr A Carlespie, Ms A Handley, Ms A Holt, Mr R Rafique, Mrs G Woodward

Technician – Mr P Fisher

Curriculum Intent

Science explains the past and predicts the future.

In Science we investigate the world, how it works, how it’s made and the life within it.

We think critically and work collaboratively to help us communicate and act like a scientist; taking the skills forward into our future lives.

Curriculum Map

Biology Curriculum Map

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Chemistry Curriculum Map

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Physics Curriculum Map

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What do we do?

Key Stage 3

​In Key Stage 3 students follow a programme of study using Dynamic Learning online support and resources via the school’s ‘Frog’ learning platform.  This covers topics in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with specialist teaching provided across the curriculum.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA programme of study either through Triple Science (from Year 9 options) or Trilogy (double award).  There is a cross-curricular STEM programme that runs throughout year 7 to year 11.

A day in the life…

Right from the off, learners are encouraged to engage with all aspects of learning.  Students participate in practical activities and learn about hazard perception.  Controlled experiments involving the combustion of materials using Bunsen burners and highly flammable materials such as magnesium metal help to create awe and wonder for our Year 7 students. Year 8 students investigate human anatomy and get up close and personal with the digestive system.

At the start of Year 9, students are taught the science of superheroes and later in Science Week they study the rudiments of forensic science and  interpret their very own crime scene!.  A great lesson for all budding Sherlocks!

Useful Links

We are invested in Dynamic Learning, a software programme which provides all students with the resources and e-books needed to succeed in Science.  Every student has their own personalised access code.  In addition, the AQA website contains the syllabus and exam details.  We also use SAM Learning BBC Bitesize.



Lessons are planned to allow for consistent challenge to all learners.

Regular feedback is provided and students are asked to think about their work and make any necessary improvements.

We recall prior knowledge and build upon this to transition between topic areas.


Closing the Gaps

Students can purchase revision guides and revision cards.

All KS4 students are provided with PiXl check lists which allows them to track their own progress.

KS4 students are provided with targeted intervention and revision sessions throughout the year.



We work closely with trust partners and post 16 providers through the STEM programme.

We regularly apply for and are awarded with funding through STEM related providers.

We are in partnership with the Institute of Physics which currently provides staff CPD, resources and funding.