Who are we?

Head of Department – Mrs J Marshall

Teachers – Mr A Elliott, Mr M Schofield, Mr J Walton


Geography is a great adventure with a purpose!

Michael Palin

Curriculum Intent

Geography is the subject of curiosity. 

We strive to create learners who seek to deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world, and their own place within it. 

Geography is about more than learning places on a map, or how rivers form, or how populations change. Geography is centred around taking on the complexities of the world; seeking to unravel them and to discover how we are all connected, across oceans and continents, across cultures and societies.  

Geography gives us an opportunity to shoulder our responsibility for the world and our human impact on the environments that are found around the world

Our students have an opportunity to explore the place they come from, while also investigating places and processes taking place all over the world. Our students build geographical skills, decision making abilities and the confidence to use evidence to support their judgements. They become creative and resilient learners. Our students discover the world with confidence and curiosity. 

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map

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What do we do?

Geography is an exciting, radical subject that evolves as quickly as the world changes around us – the course that we have designed for all students in years 7 to 9 follow is updated termly to reflect this!

In year 7 we focus very much on what life is like for people in the Huddersfield area, looking at what makes our town unique and globally important.  We visit the John Smith’s stadium to study how Huddersfield Town operate in an exciting international industry, and also ask why they decided to relocate across Leeds Road.  We also learn all the vital geographical skills (like map reading) we need to use in everyday life.

In year 8 we expand out our world view, looking at fantastic places like Dubai and China and asking 21st century questions about globalisation and development.  Added to this, we continue to build up our knowledge of our own country, examining how our spectacular landscapes and coastline was created and why it attracts tourists, creating huge dilemmas in equal measure.

Geography in year 9 is an opportunity for our students to prepare for GCSE studies to come, as we look at how our world is becoming more and more urban and ask critical questions about whether this is sustainable.  We also focus on the amazing power of our planet, studying volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes in detail.

In year 10 and 11 we follow the AQA GCSE Geography syllabus; an exciting and thorough examination that gives our students an opportunity to learn facilitating skills they can transfer to a wide ranges of courses at college and university.  Highlights include two field visits to explore the changing geography of the UK and also studying the role that limited water supplies plays in fracturing the Middle East, creating war and suffering for huge numbers of people.

A day in the life…

​In year 7 we investigate the vibrant woodland ecosystem that surrounds our school, searching out the habitats that house foxes, deer and countless other types of animal.

Year 8 is packed full of hands-on learning experiences, including hosting our own Chinese New Year parties and critically evaluating whether China is right to save the Giant Panda from extinction.

In year 9 our students get hands on and create their own volcanoes, sending ash and lava spewing out across the Geography department!



Consistently reviewing, developing and improving the curriculum to ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our students.

Consistently asking our students to reflect and improve their work through RRI and feedback in their books as well as examinations.

Consistently building on knowledge learnt in previous lessons through our schemes of work and planning of the content.

Closing the Gaps

All KS4 students are given access to subject and case study specific content through our online learning facilities.

Students benefit from a wide range of different learning styles and platforms to allow all students to develop, improve and access the curriculum.

KS4 students avail of ‘Period 0’ school to allow them to receive additional revision and teacher contact in preparation for their examinations.


Many of the topics covered in KS3 relate back to our community and how we can have a positive impact on it now and in the future.

We allow the students to become critical thinkers and people who want/will make a difference in their community in the future.

Collaboration with HTFC in terms of stadium visits allow the students to gain contact with one of the most important areas in our local community.