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Online Services

The school uses a number of online services so that we can offer parents the best possible service. Each platform has a specific purpose and has been carefully considered to meet the needs of parents and students.

We know it can confusing keeping track of different systems and services so we have pulled together this page to provide an overview of each service, it’s purpose and how you can gain access.

Class Charts LogoClass Charts

Class Charts is an online system which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school day. We believe in working closely with parents and one of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely share your child’s achievement and behaviour report with you and so keep you up to date in real-time.

If you have any queries regarding homework achievements, behaviour and detentions on Class Charts please email your child’s form tutor in the first instance.

What is Class Charts for Parents?

Parents can use Class Charts to keep track of your child’s homework, achievements, access behaviour reports and track scheduled detentions.

If you have more than one child at the school you can use the same parent account to view achievement data for all your children.

Class Charts for parents can be accessed via a website, or iOS and Android apps.

You can access the parent website and links to the parent apps via the link below.

Class Charts Logo

ClassCharts Parent Login

Creating a Class Charts for Parents Account

You should have received a Parent Code from school, which will look similar to the example code shown below.

This code is used to set up your parent account. If you haven’t recieved your parent code from the school, please contact us using the details below.

Tel: 01484 452100

Email: office@nhtschool.co.uk

Sign up to ClassCharts using the Website

To create an account via the website, select the ‘I don’t have an account yet’ option. This will bring up additional form options. Simply fill in the form and enter your parent code in the “Access Code” field.


Sign up to Class Charts Website
Sign up to ClassCharts using the App

If you click the ‘Sign Up’ tab within the app you will be presented with an account creation form. Simply fill in the form and enter your Parent Code in the Access Code field. Clicking ‘Sign Up’ will log you into the account.

Sign up to Class Charts App

Parent Pay

We use the online ‘ParentPay’ system to handle all student cash transactions.

Using a secure login, parents can pay for all items including student meals, snacks, trips and music tuition.

ParentPay has lots of benefits in many ways not least of which by reducing administration tasks, creating more time to lend to educational support and the smooth running of the school. We would encourage as many parents as possible to use ParentPay and hope that you will support us in taking this important step towards creating a ‘cashless school’.  Using this system also removes the risks associated with students bringing cash into school.

Please contact the school if you require further information.

Please see the link below to access ParentPay.

‘My Ed’ School Mobile App

For an up to date insight in to your child’s school life, download and access the ‘My Ed‘ Mobile app. The app gives you direct access to your child’s attendance, timetable, absence records and much more.

To access MyEd simply download the ‘My Ed‘ app and create yourself an account using your current mobile number and email address (please make sure we have your up to date contact details). A sync will then take place overnight to authenticate your account and providing the details you provide match our school records your children will appear the next day under the ‘My Students‘ section.

The My Ed mobile app is available for anybody to download however, only parents will gain access to the personalised ‘My student’ area.

Get the App


Step 1:

Go to your app store


Step 2:

Search for ‘My Ed’


Step 3:

Download the app

Parents’ Evening Booking System

The Parents Evening Booking system allows you to book appointments with your child’s teachers online. This helps to ensure that you can visit the teachers you need to see at a time that works for you.

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance for the Parents’ Evening Booking System

Student Online Learning

In this area you can find a summary of a few of the main software packages we have available for students. We actively encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning and knowing what resources are available to them can be very useful.

For more information please see the link below.