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Where can students and parents view homework?

Homework is currently issued to students online through one central system (Frog). By logging in to Frog students and parents can view all the homework assignments from their teacher.

At this stage teachers are not issuing marks or grades via Frog and the system is simply used as a homework diary showing homework instructions and the date the homework is due to be completed by.


Request Your Frog Login Details

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There are two options for you and your child to view homework activities:

By logging in to Frog / Homework Portal via an internet browser

To login to Frog / Homework Portal please go to the URL below and type in your username and password.



By logging into the 'MyFrog' mobile app

To login to the MyFrog mobile app – please search for ‘MyFrog‘ in your app store and download the app.

You will then need to enter the URL shown below followed by your Frog / Homework Portal username and password.


Homework Portal (Frog) guidance video for parents

‘MyFrog’ mobile app guidance video for parents

Homework Guidelines for parents and carers

  • Check that homework details are filled in clearly and regularly on the Homework Portal or MyFrog mobile app.
  • Take a positive and active interest in your child’s work at home and encourage your child to explain homework tasks to you.
  • Help your child organise his or her time so that things are not all left to the last minute or even forgotten.
  • Try to provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to do his/her homework.
  • Reward your child for successfully completing homework tasks and praise all praiseworthy efforts!
  • Help with spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Help your child to find out information from books, internet, etc. Be careful not to do the work for him/her.
  • Let the school know if there are problems with homework that cannot be resolved. Perhaps your child seems to be doing too much, or not enough or is finding it too easy or too difficult. Help can be gained by contacting the subject teacher or form tutor in the first instance.
  • If homework is not completed then appropriate sanctions will be put in place by staff and your child will be supported to complete their homework.

Supported self-study facilities within school

The Learning Resource Centre is open every day at break time and lunchtime for students to be able to work under supervision. Additionally, NHTS provide the Homework Club five nights a week; this is facilitated by NHTS staff who can provide students with support as needed and also provides access to computer facilities.

Many departments also offer regular period 6 facilities for one hour after school for students throughout the year to complement their Key Stage 4 provision.

Why is homework important?

  • Homework improves student thinking and memory
  • Homework teaches students to work independently
  • Homework allows students to review and practice what has been covered in lesson
  • Homework helps parents learn more about what students are learning in school
  • Homework provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves and extend their own learning

We aim to ensure that regular and appropriate homework:

  1. consolidates learning that has taken place in school and is relevant to the curriculum
  2. encourages independent learning by students
  3. is accessible and offers challenge for all students
  4. is enjoyed and valued by staff, students and parents
  5. engages and inspires all students
  6. develops passion, breadth and experience for subjects beyond the classroom
  7. builds skills for learning and life
  8. promotes the enjoyment of being industrious
  9. reinforces literacy and numeracy skills

Homework may take many forms, however you can expect to see:

  • Independent projects completed over a longer period of time. Often, the pace and direction of these projects will be driven by the students, with an end date in mind, or intermediate dates for checking progress.
  • Research and knowledge retrieval: this may take the form of students finding certain information prior to beginning a topic, or to consolidate or further class knowledge.
  • Completing Self-marking quizzes on Frog to help teacher and student assess their progress.
  • Completing paragraphs and essays to demonstrate their learning.
  • Acting on feedback from class work.
  • Doing exam questions or papers.
  • Revision tasks like posters, leaflets, videos and word walls.
  • Practical projects.