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At NHTS the intent of our Careers provision is to ensure:

  • All students receive an aspirational, personalised and differentiated Year 7-11 careers programme that guarantees that the decisions that they make regarding their Post-16 pathways are fully informed and appropriate.
  • All students are equipped with the skill set to be able to embrace all opportunities, responsibilities and experiences that present themselves in their lives after North Huddersfield Trust School.
  • Develop a full understanding, from Year 7 onwards, of careers and work-related information that develops a sense of enquiry regarding viable careers, higher/further education centres, as well as a self-awareness of the skills and aptitudes that our students possess.
  • A whole school approach to CEIAG that is cross-curricular and delivered via a number of subject areas, tutor time and participation in extra-curricular STEM and careers events.
  • A robust and comprehensive KS4 programme, in line with CEIAG requirements, that prepares every student for life after NHTS and guarantees that all students receive careers training, CV writing skills, a work placement and interviews with our C&K Careers Adviser alongside the skills required for successful college application.
  • All elements of our Careers programme adhere to the “best practices,” as set out by CEIAG, (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)and as laid down in government practices to ensure that the school is judged successfully via the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks that recognise outstanding Careers provision in education.
  • ALL Careers provision at NHTS is subject to regular, rigorous evaluation in line with GEIAG requirements, our school Careers policy and via use of the Compass Careers Benchmark tool and external audit.

What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

In 2014 the Gatsby Reports made a major contribution to our understanding of what constitutes “quality” in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in secondary schools in England. As a result, 8 benchmarks of good practice were drawn up that identify the elements of good careers guidance in schools.


A stable careers programme


Learning from career and labour market information


Addressing the needs of each pupil


Linking curriculum learning to careers


Encounters with employers and employees


Experiences of workplaces


Encounters with further and higher education


Personal guidance

Our Careers Programme:

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Year 7

  • Tutorial Programme aims to help students to understand more about themselves (self-development) as part of their induction program.
  • All students have a careers library introduction.
  • PSHCE delivers units to all Year 7 students; Introduction to careers; Raising Aspirations; Career Stereotypes.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in STEM and other extra-curricular events.

Year 8

  • Tutorial Programme- Tutor mentoring to support students with their careers-based skills.
  • PSHCE delivers units to all Year 8 students; How business uses marketing; Value for money; Tariffs; Consumer Rights; Financial Services and Financial Management.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in STEM and other related extra-curricular activities.

Year 9

  • Tutorial Programme aims to help students to understand more about themselves; find out about careers and the world of work; help them to plan for their future.
  • Students complete “Directions” booklet in Tutor Time.
  • All students have a 1:1 meeting with Progress Leader/SLT to discuss options.
  • All students have access to impartial careers advice and guidance and 1:1 career coaching to support them for their GCSE preferences.
  • C & K Careers Adviser leads sessions on options/careers within Vocational Studies lessons.
  • College course/Apprenticeship/Careers/Options research within Vocational Studies lessons.
  • All students have access to JED- a careers matching programme.
  • All students participate in a series of Options Assemblies and attend an Options Evening with local KS5 providers.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in STEM and other related extra-curricular activities.
  • All students participate in Careers/Apprenticeships events.
  • PSHCE delivers units to all Year 9 students; Careers and Future Aspirations; Learning Strengths; Future Goals; Options Process; Planning an Enterprise Project.

Year 10

  • Tutorial Programme aims to help students with writing a CV, preparing for interviews, and completing application forms.
  • PSHCE delivers units to all Year 10 students; Preparation for Work Experience; Contacting an Employer; Evaluation of Work Experience.
  • All students complete a week’s Work Experience with a local employer.
  • All students attend Work Experience Assemblies.
  • College Visits: In 2019 students visited Greenhead College, Huddersfield New College & Kirklees College.
  • University visits: In 2019 students visited Huddersfield University.
  • All students have the opportunity to sign up to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) program.
  • All students given the opportunity to participate in Careers/Apprenticeship events.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in STEM and extra-curricular activities.
  • Year 10 students invited to week long residential trip with the Army.

Year 11

  • Tutorial Programme aims to help students to identify a range of post-16 pathways to make informed choices about their future; complete application forms; writing a CV and personal statement; prepare for interviews.
  • PSHCE Drop Down Days- Training on use of “GetInTo” college application platform and completion of college research/completion of personal statements.
  • All students receive a 1:1 meeting with a C&K Career adviser.
  • All students will gain support in college applications/utilise “Get Organised” booklet.
  • All students attend Careers Assemblies.
  • All students attend College assemblies: Autumn 2019- Greenhead College, Huddersfield New College, Kirklees College, Apprenticeships pathways & The Creative & Media School.
  • Students encouraged to attend the Apprenticeship Fair at the John Smith’s Stadium.
  • All students have access to support on and after GCSE results day.

NHTS Evaluation

How the school measures and and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils

The school uses the below methods to track the effectiveness of its Career services:

  1. Post 16 Destination data of all students including strategies for the Post-16 engagement of NEET students.
  2. Tracking of pupil involvement in careers events both in and out of school in line with the Gatsby benchmarks.
  3. Tracking of staff training in careers education in line with the Gatsby benchmarks.
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of T&L in departments and its links to careers.
  5. Self-evaluation through the school’s development plan and via use of Compass Careers Benchmark tool.
  6. Department evaluation and audit through departmental and Careers Leaders.