Careers information, advice & guidance

The careers co-ordinator for North Huddersfield Trust School is Miss Adams. She ensures that our students are provided with valuable experiences and information to ensure they can make an informed decision at the end of Year 11.  This includes work experience, college taster days and careers fairs.  She works closely with the schools careers advisor. 

The careers adviser working in North Huddersfield Trust school is Vicky O’Sullivan. She works for C&K careers, an independent local careers company.

The careers adviser works mainly with students in Years 9 – 11 to support them with their key transitions.

You can contact Vicky  on 01484 225500,  or by completing the contact form to the right

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Year 9

Vicky is available at options evening. All year 9 students will be offered a careers appointment before making their final subject choices.

Year 9 students can also make use of the ‘Directions’ booklet as well as the careers matching programme JED.


Years 10 and 11

All students will have an individual or a small group interview either in the summer term of Year 10 or during year 11. The interview will give them the opportunity to discuss their plans for both after year 11 and longer term. If students feel that they need extra support they are welcome to request another appointment or call in to the careers room at break or lunchtime. Vicky is aware that some students will need more help and support than others to make a successful transition from year 11 so she works closely with the SEND department, other pastoral staff as well as the heads of year. She has good links with the local colleges, sixth forms and training providers. A careers fair takes place in school for students in years 9,10 and 11 which is well attended by local training providers and employers. She is available in school on GCSE results day to offer support and advice to any student who needs it at this time. Any student who has not made a successful transition to learning after year 11 will be referred to a CK careers post 16 careers adviser. 

Students in Year 10 also benefit from an excellent  programme of taster visits allowing them to visit many of the local colleges and sixth forms as well as participating in a one or two week work experience placement.