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Please see notice below from Kirklees HR:
We are pleased to announce that following constructive discussions with the representative trade unions we have reached a collective agreement.

A key amendment to the initial proposal is that there will now be an opportunity for staff to opt-out of monthly pay and remain on their current payroll, if they do so by 31 March 2020. The option of remaining on current payrolls has been introduced as it has become apparent that for some individuals on Universal Credit, a move to monthly pay could have an adverse impact on their level of benefits.

All employees affected by this change will receive details of the agreement in a letter later this week.

This letter will also include:

Transitional pay arrangements and pay dates
• An opt-out form for those who do not want to move to monthly pay
Dates and locations of staff drop-in sessions, as detailed below:

2pm, Tuesday 25 February                  Dewsbury Town Hall
4pm, Thursday 27 February                All Saints Catholic College
9am, Friday 28 February                      Huddersfield Town Hall
4pm, Wednesday 4 March                  Spen Valley High School
2pm, Thursday 5 March                       Dewsbury Town Hall
2pm, Tuesday 10 March                      Huddersfield Town Hall
4pm, Wednesday 11 March                Holmfirth High School

Although sessions are open to all staff, the expectation is that staff attend sessions which do not impact on teaching and learning requirements at their workplace.

The specific details of the agreement are as follows:

1 All new employees commencing employment on or after 1 April 2020 will be contracted onto monthly pay. The first monthly pay day for new starters will be Wednesday 15 April 2020.
2 All existing staff (council, schools support and KNH) will automatically be moved onto monthly pay from June 2020 (L1 payroll) and August 2020 (L2 payroll). The previous proposal on transitional arrangements will remain.
3 Those not wanting to be auto-enrolled onto monthly pay can opt-out by 31 March 2020.
4 Overtime and additional hours claim periods will be aligned to the monthly pay cycle only (not the L1/L2 4 weekly cycles).
5 Where staff are unclear about the impact on them of moving to monthly pay e.g. if they are in receipt of Universal Credit or any other kind of benefit, then the council will support them to understand the impact of moving across; those staff can then make an informed decision as to whether they wish to opt-out of monthly pay.
6. Following the ‘auto-enrolment’ exercise in 2020, the council reserves the right to run future exercises, following consultation with recognised trade unions.
7. Bradford and Calderdale Credit Unions’ saving schemes will continue to be promoted for those wishing to accrue the ‘13th pay amount’, as well as the continuing promotion of financial wellbeing as part of the People Strategy.

In the event of queries, please contact Lisa Melia,  HD-One Manager on telephone 01484 221000 or @ lisa.melia@kirklees.gov.uk