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We have been approached by the LA to temporarily increase our student numbers for the incoming Year 7.  This was discussed by the Governors at a recent committee meeting where it was agreed to accept up to 210 students for the September intake.  Our total numbers for September could be as high as 830.  Plans were already in place to adapt the curriculum model to cater for increasing numbers and there will be additions to staffing where necessary.  There are ongoing discussions with the LA in relation to a permanent increase to our PAN.

The plans for the development of our building continue to be a significant focus and have recently taken up a great deal of mine and other people’s time.  Things will hopefully come to fruition in the near future and are very exciting.  The projects I outlined in my presentation to all staff on 6 January remain the main focus but rather than installing a canopy for dining, we are looking to extend the existing canteen space.  The specific details are yet to be finalised and there is much ‘red-tape’ to negotiate but discussions have been very positive and proactive with strategic help being provided from a number of our Trust partners and from various contacts and connections we have.

The dates for completion of these projects have yet to be finalised and it may be that there needs to be a temporary solution to ensure lunchtimes – and potentially breaks – run smoothly.  I will keep you informed.