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This information is for non-teaching staff who are not already on monthly

In June, the local authority shared information about the council’s proposal to make
changes to the pay cycle for non-teaching staff. So rather than being paid on a 4 weekly basis
it would be on a monthly basis. Discussions are taking place with the Trade Unions with a
view to reaching a collective agreement.

Drop-in sessions have been arranged to brief non-teaching staff about
monthly pay and to give staff a chance to tell the local authority what you think about the proposals and to
ask any questions.  NHTS is a host school for one of these drop-in sessions on Tuesday 10th September at 4pm.
Sessions are expected to last no more than an hour and you are encouraged to attend one session, booking in advance is not required.
A small number of schools have drop-in sessions earlier than 16:00. You can attend one of these sessions, should you wish, providing these
are scheduled outside your normal working hours. Click here for the full list of host schools and times of drop-in sessions.
Trade Union representatives have been notified of all arrangements and you will be
given an opportunity to meet with your representative at the end of the session.