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As established during my presentation to staff on Monday 6th January, bids are invited for funding specifically related to curriculum development.  Allow me to emphasise that this is not restricted to classroom-based learning only.  As detailed in one of my first hundred days’ reflections entitled ‘Learning by design’, click here to view, I see the curriculum as falling into three types.

In a nutshell, the three types of curriculum will form the basis for funding bids, using the following criteria:

The Taught

  • Specific focus on KS3 and non-examined KS4 courses
  • Investment in the delivery of curriculum intent – consider the whole-school mission
  • Development of the quality of schemes of learning
  • What and how students learn
  • Ensuring stretch, challenge and excellence
  • Developing high quality teaching and learning strategies

The Assessed

  • Specific focus on KS4
  • Development and delivery of high quality KS4 provision
  • Closing the gaps in attainment
  • The implementation of examined courses
  • Supporting the quality of moderation/standardisation

The Learned (or Hidden)

  • Development of student leadership
  • Cultural capital – understanding of the world we live in today
  • Providing unique educational experiences – possible funding/part funding of trips/visits
  • Developing and rewarding a culture of excellence
  • Linked to bids for external funding (where there is a match-funding element for example) – support would be provided in the completion of any such bid

Please submit bids for funding which include:

  • Details of what is being bid for
  • Which of the above criteria is being met
  • Potential costs
  • Impact on students
    • How does it fulfil our mission?
    • How will success be measured?
  • Any other considerations to be taken into account

The deadline for the submission of bids is Friday 14th February.  Once all bids have been received, there will be a process to decide which will be granted and planning for implementation can begin.  Bids will be considered by SLT and by the SWP; I expect decisions to be communicated by Easter.

Please see below, a link to the proforma to be used for bids.  There is a series of questions as a guide which complement the contents of the above.

Funding bid proforma – click here

Any further questions should be directed to line managers or if you would like to run ideas by me, I’m available to discuss/advise.

Thank you