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Kaleidoscope provides an emotionally secure setting in a calm and structured environment. Pupils work in small groups of no more than 6 children, developing life skills that will enable them to be more successful in their classes and out of school. This is especially designed for key stage 3 students.


  • Mrs B Rushworth


Beyond is a listening service providing both support and guidance for students.

The team aim to provide a friendly, approachable and confidential service. We will listen openly and empathetically to any problems that a child or parent (regarding their child) may have.

We work closely alongside other student services such as welfare, SEN, the Learning Project and Kaleidoscope; this ensures that the student has the appropriate support network around them. This is generally targeted at older students.


  • Miss L Brook
  • Miss S John


As part of our commitment to support and guide students to take responsibility for their learning and their wellbeing while in school, we have developed a 6 week learning development initiative named Evolve. The focus is primarily to improve self-confidence, social skills and behaviour thereby promoting engagement in mainstream learning and resilience.


  • Mr R Dawes
  • Miss M Charnley
  • Mrs A Mason

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

The ethos of the department is to provide a safe and friendly learning environment, dedicated to providing for the language and academic needs of each individual student to enable them to achieve their full potential.

The team provides a New Arrivals programme, which is a comprehensive, multi-sensory language acquisition course built around the requirements of each individual student. We also provide withdrawal lessons in English language and grammar, reading and comprehension, situational speaking and listening exercises and support with homework, coursework and revision


  • Mrs R Djordjevic
  • Mrs A Matsis
  • Mr A Yehyah
  • Mrs M Abbas

The school’s work to promote personal development and welfare is outstanding

Ofsted 2017