01484 452100 office@nhtschool.co.uk

SEND Contacts

Key Contacts:

Headteacher Mr Andrew Fell
Special Educational Needs Coordinator Ms Angela Sheridan
Special Educational Needs Admin Mrs Emily Harford
Special Education Needs Governor Mrs Sarah Grant

Contact Details:

Headteacher afell@nhtschool.co.uk
SEND Coordinator asheridan@nhtschool.co.uk
Kirklees local offer www.kirkleeslocaloffer.org.uk
School’s local offer www.nhtschool.co.uk/send-local-offer


Higher Level Educational Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs T Hamer
  • Mrs K Iqbal
  • Mrs K Johnston
  • Mrs A Matsis
  • Miss D Mitchell
  • Miss D Moses

The recent appointment of additional higher-level teaching assistants, for example, has had real impact. The most able readers read with fluency and expression. Lower-ability readers have the right techniques to tackle words they find more difficult

Ofsted 2017

Educational Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs M Abbas
  • Miss A Battye
  • Mrs G Carrol
  • Miss S Chowdry
  • Miss S Craven
  • Miss D Facey (maternity cover Mrs S Qamar)
  • Miss R Facey
  • Mrs K Featherstone
  • Miss Z Gaye
  • Mrs R Jamshead
  • Miss P Johnson
  • Mrs N Kauser
  • Mrs N Khan
  • Miss S Mason
  • Mrs A Zulfiqar

Teaching assistants make a strong contribution to pupils’ learning. They support pupils with a range of abilities and have the subject knowledge they need to answer questions and intervene promptly when pupils are struggling with their work

Ofsted 2017