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SEN and Disability Code of Practice / Local Offer

North Huddersfield Trust is part of the North Huddersfield Learning Community, a network of schools incorporating Ashbrow, Birkby, Christchurch, Fixby and St. Thomas CE primary schools. We work closely together on all aspects of SEND. Representatives from the different schools meet regularly to discuss concerns and share ideas.We are proud to be a vibrant, multicultural, inclusive school with strong community links. All of our teaching staff are experienced in working with a full range of learning abilities. They have skills in differentiation and they are sensitive to student literacy and numeracy development. Staff place an emphasis on their own usage of clearly articulated standard English in line with the professional standards agenda. They also possess excellent subject knowledge and enthusiasm for their own discrete curriculum areas.

The school’s work to promote personal development and welfare is outstanding

Ofsted 2017

Teaching assistants give high quality support to students to help them become confident, independent learners. Support for students at the early stages of speaking English and who have recently arrived in the country is high quality. This enables them to settle in well and before long communicate well in English

Ofsted 2015

Parents that inspectors spoke to were magnanimous in their praise of how well the school looked after their children, many of whom had additional needs and had deliberately moved to the school as a result of its caring, nurturing ethos

Ofsted 2015

There is a clear ethos about the school that sets the safety of pupils as a high priority. Staff are vigilant and leaders work closely with external agencies in the community to ensure that appropriate action is being taken to keep the most vulnerable pupils safe

Ofsted 2017

Our SEND policy is available via the link below, as is our accessibility plan.


This school offers a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet the needs of all our students.
All staff are conversant with the needs of the students in their care and extra support/resources may be allocated to a student if deemed appropriate. This extra support is wide ranging and is allocated according to identified student need.