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Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Mr Andrew Fell


Mr Matt Schofield

Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Martin Allison

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Nick Collins

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Dominic Murphy

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Hamira Shah

Assistant Headteacher

Ms Lorna Wright

Business Manager

Administrative Contacts

Mrs Helen Bebbington

Attendance Officer

Mrs Lisa Knopwood

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Chris Langstaff

Marketing & Digital Learning Manager

Mrs Audra Stockdale

Welfare Officer

Mrs Lindsay Taylor

PA to Headteacher

Mrs Sally Townley

Office Manager

Pastoral Managers

Students have the same Pastoral Manager throughout their whole time at North Huddersfield Trust School.  The Pastoral Manager looks after the care and well-being of students.  They can organise extra support as needed and in liaison with parents and carers.

Our Pastoral Managers are:-

Miss S Clarke

Pastoral Manager

Mrs A Dickie

Pastoral Manager

Miss J George

Pastoral Manager

Mrs Joanne Haveron

Pastoral Manager 

Miss S Martin

Pastoral Manager

Ms L Richards

Pastoral Manager

Standards & Achievement Leaders

Our Standards & Achievement Leaders take a close interest in the academic progress of all students. Standards & Achievement Leaders take the weekly year group assemblies and work closely with teachers and the rest of the Year Team to keep students motivated and ready to succeed.

Standards & Achievement Leaders are:-

Mrs L Bunn

Year 7 Standards & Achievement Leader

Mrs S Roberts

Year 8 Standards & Achievement Leader

Mr S Sheikh

Year 9 Standards & Achievement Leader

Mrs J Bates

Year 10 Standards & Achievement Leader

Mr G Deighton

Year 11 Standards & Achievement Leader