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School Uniform

The school uniform is a fundamental aspect of the school identity and it presents many advantages for our school community:

  • It creates a sense of equality among all students and eliminates competition
  • It reduces expense on parents/carers
  • It reinforces a sense of pride among students in their school


The cost of a school uniform should never be a barrier to a child attending the school. Therefore, the school will ensure the following:

  • We have more than one supplier to provide both competitive pricing and convenience
  • Uniform costs and durability are balanced to ensure good value for money
  • The school works in conjunction with the Uniform Exchange to ensure donated uniform that is previously worn but in good condition can be accessed by families who need this, free of charge
  • ​The basic school uniform has minimal branding and colour ranges to ensure that suitable alternatives can be found in high street/supermarket stores
  • One uniform is suitable for the whole year and no summer/ winter uniform is required
  • No specific requirements of coats or bags other than they are suitable for school and the carrying of books/ kit
  • Where appropriate and as needed, the school will provide financial assistance for families when cost is a barrier to their child attending school and meeting our uniform expectations.  This can be discussed with your child’s Pastoral Manager and agreed on a case by case basis
Uniform Exchange Logo

FREE School Uniform

FREE school uniform is available to all children going to school in Kirklees. Click here to find out more about the Uniform Exchange.



School branded

(available from our uniform suppliers)

RCompulsory uniform


Years 7, 8 and 9 – Black with a purple and grey stripe

Years 10 and 11 – Black with a purple stripe

(can be purchased from the school main office) 

Black blazer


Black tailored trousers/black knee-length skirt/black shalwar kameez

No leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans


White shirt or blouse
School Uniform
School Uniform


PE Kit

Black training shirt


Black training shorts


Black Tek pants


Long black match socks

(not needed if opting for Tek pants)




Football boots

(optional for girls)


Swimming costume, trunks and swimming cap

(where swimming is taught in that year)

PE Shirt
PE Shorts
PE Tek Pants

QOptional Uniform

School jumper


School hoodie

(only the school branded PE hoodie is permitted)

PE Hoodie

rPlease Note

  • No hoodies (only the PE hoodie is permitted for PE lessons)
  • Heads should not be covered indoors (except for religious observance)
  • No false or acrylic nails should be worn


Headphones & Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to wear headphones/earphones/earbuds or use mobile phones in the school building at any time or have them visible, unless used as a learning tool as directed by the class teacher.



Students may wear the following:

  • One ring per hand
  • One discreet nose stud
  • One discreet stud per ear ​

All jewellery must be removed for PE and games.

(students will be expected to remove prohibited jewellery and may hand in for safe keeping)


School Footwear

In the interests of safety, all pupils are expected to wear sensible footwear on the school premises.

Black leather, low-heeled (no more than 1 inch high) and lace up or slip on shoes with strap. Enclosed heels and toes. All laces must be black.

There must be no visible logos or labels.

NOTE: You must be able to polish shoes. If you are in any doubt, please contact the school for advice.

Footwear yes
Footwear No


Uniform Suppliers

We have two suppliers for our school uniform:

Bridge Schoolwear Logo

Bridge Schoolwear


Tel:  01484 655655

Email: info@bridgeschoolwear.co.uk


4 -6 Scar Lane,

Natasha Schoolwear Logo

Natasha's Schoolwear


Tel: 01484 431260

Email: orders@natashaschoolwear.co.uk


West Yorkshire


Uniform Exchange

Uniform Exchange aims to encourage the people of Kirklees to recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than putting them in the bin. There are many families across Kirklees who no longer receive a school uniform grant and benefit from the Uniform Exchange.

In partnership with Local Sure Start Childrenʼs Centres, Kirklees Libraries, and with support from Kirklees Council, Uniform Exchange collect unwanted uniforms, and get them to the children who want them the most, FREE of charge.

Uniform Exchange Logo

Kirklees Uniform Exchange

If you need help accessing school uniform, please contact the Uniform Exchange. 

To make a request complete the online form via the link below.




All students must have the items listed below. Please ensure your child is fully equipped.

This will include the following:

  • 2 pens (1 purple and 1 black)
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 ruler
  • Scientific calculator