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Who we are?

Teachers – Mrs L Bunn, Mrs S Clay

What do we do?

Vocational Studies is a modular non-assessed course studied throughout Year 9 with the principle aim of equipping students for life after school. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, students need to have more than a handful of GCSEs and BTECs to their name. Vocational Studies develops soft skills, life skills and prepares students for making decisions about their future. Topics studies currently include Enterprise, Careers, Communication, Personal Finance, Food Safety and First Aid. Where appropriate, students are offered the chance to achieve an accredited certificate which can be kept to support college and job applications in Year 11.

A day in the life…

Enterprise is more than just a business idea! Enterprise is also a specific skill set that most successful people have which is associated with leadership, persuasion, determination, initiative, communication and taking risks. In this first unit of six students explore their own passions, hobbies and frustrations to come up with a unique business idea that could run in school. Whilst doing so they develop their ability to plan, present and persuade others that their idea could work whilst conducting their own survey to check that potential customers are interested. Whilst this is a theoretical exercise some students have gone on to make it happen by running their own Tuck Shops, Bun Stalls, Juice Bars and even a Coffee and Cake pop-up shop just for staff and visitors!


What career…?

Vocational Studies is relevant to all careers and should be a useful and engaging way of developing your understanding of working practices for whatever direction you choose to take in the future.


Further information

Students will register with the careers website, http://website.u-explore.com/