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Who are we?

Head of Department – Mrs R Unwin

Second in Science – Mrs N Akhtar

Teachers – Mr A Carlespie, Miss A Holt, Ms J McNulty, Mr R Rafique, Mr A Salim, Mrs S Wilkinson

Technician – Mrs Margaret Deacon

What do we do?

In Key Stage 3 students follow a programme of study using Dynamic Learning online support and resources via the school’s ‘Frog’ learning platform.  This covers topics in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with specialist teaching provided across the curriculum.

In Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA programme of study either through Triple Science (from Year 9 options); Trilogy (double award); and in addition a small group study for the Entry Level Certificate in Science. These are all supported by Kerboodle online resources on the Frog learning platform where each student has their own individual login.

A day in the life…

Right from the off, learners are encouraged to engage with all aspects of learning.  Students participate in practical activities and learn about health and safety.  Controlled experiments involving the combustion of materials using bunsen burners and highly flammable materials such as magnesium metal help to create awe and wonder for our Year 7 students.

At the start of Year 9, students are taught the rudiments of forensic science and study crime scenes which our fully qualified technician has set up for them in situ in the labs.  A great lesson for all budding Sherlocks!

What career…?

Students who succeed in science can look forward to careers in health, engineering, technological industries, academia, media and many others.

Further information

We are invested in Dynamic Learning, a software programme which provides all students with the resources and e-books needed to succeed in Science.  Every student has their own personalised access code.  In addition, the AQA website contains the syllabus and exam details.  We also use SAM Learning BBC Bitesize.