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Restorative Practice

NHTS is a restorative school this means we believe in building respectful relationships.

Restorative practice is a set of values and principles used to build, maintain and restore relationships, which ultimately strengthens our school community.


Resolving conflict


Repairing harm


Restoring relationships

Students are extremely knowledgeable about the different types of bullying and speak highly of the effective way the school deals with the very few incidents of bullying. The work on restorative justice is a real strength of the school.
Ofsted 2017

Restorative Meetings

Many staff members are trained in restorative practices. They facilitate meetings between students where there has been a wrong-doing or simply a misunderstanding. They do this by asking restorative questions like:

Restorative Practice Badge

What happened?


Who has been affected?


In what way have they been affected?


What were you thinking about at the time?


What do you think needs to happen next?

All participants are prepared for the meeting by a member of staff, they are given an opportunity to talk about things from their perspective. This enables students to develop an understanding of each other and come to some agreement; a follow up meeting is arranged where necessary.

You can refer yourself for a restorative meeting by speaking to your tutor or pastoral manager, alternatively click on the link below and complete the referral form.

Tutor Circles

Tutor circles are held once a week in all Key Stage 3 tutor groups. This gives students an opportunity to discuss anything that is concerning them, it encourages the group to work as a team and develop their problem solving skills. Ultimately, tutor circles build a sense of community in which each member – students and teachers feel they are seen, heard and respected.
Tutor circles provide me with an insight in to my students’ opinions, their lives and their attitude towards school and learning
Mr Sheikh - teacher

Circle time helps me to communicate with others, it is also good to share ideas
Evie Booth - student

Restorative Practice circle time


Please complete the form below to make a Restorative Meeting referral.

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Restorative Conference Evaluation

Rate your overall satisfaction with the process:

Rate the process as to how fairly you were treated:

Rate the process as to how fairly everyone else involved was treated:

Did you feel safe during the process?

Rate how well you feel the facilitator did at leading the conference:

Did you feel listened to?

Would you recommend conferencing to someone else in your situation?

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