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Gifted and Talented Students

North Huddersfield Trust School is proud to be a member of Potential Plus UK which is an independant charity which works to support children with high learning potential.  This gives us access to a wide variety of training, resources and guidance which help us to provide the best possible support for our gifted and talented students.

Like Potential Plus UK, we believe that every gifted child, no matter what their background, should have an equal chance of realising their potential, and their families should be given the skills and confidence to support their child.  

Families of gifted and talented students are invited to join Potential Plus UK under their Family Membership offer.  This service gives families the following benefits:-

  • Confidential information and advice
  • Newsletters giving updates on gifted and talented issues and initiatives
  • Access to web-based discussion forums
  • Termly magazine for parents with information and advice
  • Termly magazine for students
  • Family activity days

If you would like more information about the opportunities for gifted and talented students or family membership, please contact Mr Salim at the school or visit their website www.potentialplusuk.org

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