Student Support Structure

House System

Each student is attached to one of four houses in which they remain during their five years at the school.  Each house comes under the guidance of a Head of House who is supported by students who undertake roles such as House Captain.

The houses are named after outstanding Olympic athletes from the Yorkshire region with their hard work, dedication and achievements inspiring our students.

The houses are:

Adams House                       Named after Nicola Adams, boxer

Brownlee House                  Named after Alistair Brownlee, triathlete

Clancy House                        Named after Ed Clancy, cyclist

Ennis House                          Named after Jessica Ennis-Hill, pentathlete

The house system provides lots of opportunities for students in all year groups to take part in a wide variety of sporting, musical, artistic and cultural activities along with quizzes, competitions, trips and visits.

It also allows students to develop their leadership skills by helping to organise events, becoming house captain or vice-captain or by being elected for a position on the house council.

The house system is also an important part of how we reward and recognise our students for good attitudes, behaviour, citizenship, participation and for making a positive contribution to school life.

Year Teams

The well being of all of our students is our top priority.  One of the advantages of being a smaller than average high school means that our staff get to know the students and their families well and this allows us to tailor their education and provision of support accordingly.  The care we give our students is second to none.  We have five Year Teams and each is made up of form tutors, a Pastoral Manager and a Progress Leader.

Form Tutors

The form tutor is the first point of contact for any issues arising.  Part of the form tutor’s role is to ensure that students arrive to school on time, in the correct uniform and with the right equipment for learning.

Pastoral Managers

Students have the same Pastoral Manager throughout their whole time at North Huddersfield Trust School.  The Pastoral Manager looks after the care and well-being of students.  They can organise extra support as needed and in liaison with parents and carers.

Our Pastoral Managers are:-

  • Miss H Adams
  • Ms L Richards
  • Mrs A Dickie
  • Miss J George
  • Miss S Martin
  • Miss S Clarke

Progress Leaders

Our Progress Leaders take a close interest in the academic progress of all students.  Progress Leaders take the weekly year group assemblies and work closely with teachers and the rest of the Year Team to keep students motivated and ready to succeed.

Progess Leaders are:-

  • Year 7 Miss C Thomas
  • Year 8 Mr C Henson
  • Year 9 Mr J Turner
  • Year 10 Ms J Robinson
  • Year 11 Mr G Deighton