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Supporting Local Organisations

Each year we support Huddersfield New College (HNC) by offering a range of work placements to students (often past NHTS students) within the school. We’re delighted to be able to provide extra opportunities for these young adults.

Online Safety Newsletter: How to speak digital

This months Online Safety Newsletter is titled ‘how to speak digital’ and features the essential dos and don’ts of family communication. Please click here to access the article.

Are you planning a spring clean?

Are you planning a spring clean?  Looking to de-clutter your house? If you have any Duplo or Lego at home that is not being played with, our Special Educational Needs Team would be very grateful to take it off your hands.  We run Lego Therapy intervention groups in...

Thriving Kirklees Messaging Service

Thriving Kirklees Messaging Service is a text messaging service for young people to receive confidential health advice. The service will not pass on anything you say to anyone else, like parents, teachers, or other students – unless you say it’s ok to do that. Young...